Rohit Gheyi


- Refactoring

- Testing

- Software Product Lines
- Formal Methods


Research Interests

I got my PhD from Federal University of Pernambuco in 2007. I worked under the supervision of Prof. Paulo Borba. During my PhD, I went through a 3-month internship at MIT (Software Design Group) working under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Jackson.

As of January 2009, I am an assistant professor in computer science faculty at Federal University of Campina Grande (Department of Computing Systems).
I am affiliated to the Software Productivity Group and Embedded Lab.

Email: rohit at

Telephone: +55 83 2101 1122, extension 2202

Fax: +55 83 2101 1122

Address: DSC/UFCG, 882 Aprigio Veloso, Bodocongo, Campina Grande, Brazil (map)