I got my PhD from Federal University of Pernambuco in 2007. I worked under the supervision of Prof. Paulo Borba. During my PhD, I went through a 3-month internship at MIT (Software Design Group) working under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Jackson. As of January 2009, I am an associate professor in computer science faculty at Federal University of Campina Grande (Department of Computing Systems). I am affiliated to the Software Productivity Group and Embedded Lab.

My research interests include Software Evolution, Software Testing, Formal Methods, and Software Product Lines.

See some awards and publications here. See my profile at: DBLP and Google Scholar.

I am also interested in programming contests. I am in charge of The Paraiba State Olympiad in Informatics.

rohit at dsc.ufcg.edu.br

+55 (83) 2101-1122 (extension 2202)

Rua: Aprígio Veloso, 882, Bloco CN, Universitário
Campina Grande, PB, Brasil
CEP: 58429-900